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Applications that I use in Linux


A collegue asked me to write down which applications in Linux that I use. Here is the list:

  1. Firefox
    • I prefer it to Chromium because of the addons which have higher quality then their Chromium counterpart. Also I like Mozilla as an organization more than I like Google.
  2. Virtualbox
    • In my work I have to use a couple of windows applications. Since Wine only run some windows apps good enough this is my only alternative. I really really like Virtualbox, it is free and easy to install. Also VM:s can easily be exported/imported across several platforms
  3. IBM Notes
    • This is the Collaboration application at work. I like it a lot. But it is really buggy on Linux if you are not running the exact supported version (which I almost never do).
  4. Shutter
    • For screenshots and it is easy to edit/crop them directly from the application.
  5. Filezilla
    • Great FTP application. Easy to handle and it is threaded (multiple downloads/upload).
  6. Wine
    • The best thing with wine is that I can copy the “.wine” folder from one Linux installation to another and keep all applications/configurations.
    • From Wine I can run
      1. A windows only dictonary I frequently use
      2. IBM Notes Administrator, but it crashes
      3. Other simpler windows softwares
  7. Remmina
    • Remote Desktop application that has preconfigured connections to quickly connect. It is a bit buggy though and I have to reconnect but that is not a major issue.
  8. Kate
    • Similar to Notepad++ with a lot of extensions and other things to improve usability when handling textfiles. Also good when writing simple scripts.