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Installing Lotus Domino and Lotus Sametime on Ubuntu Lucid Lynx 64bit


This is my installation notes from an install of Lotus Sametime in an virtual machine. It’s not “complete” installation instructions, but you’ll find it useful if you are going to do the same task.


* Ubuntu Lucid Lynx 64

* VirtualBox 3.16


* Ubuntu Lucid Lynx Server RC 64bit

Ubuntu Server installation:

* English locale

* Use name notes

* Guided partitioning made a good suggestion where swap was equal to internal memory and rest was /, this is OK for this test installation

* Choose: OpenSSH server – when asked about servers to install

* VirtualBox Addons

– Enable from menu Devices->Install Guest Additions

– sudo su

– sudo apt-get install build-essential linux-headers-`uname -r`

– Run ‘uname -r’ as a command first, then replace uname-r above with the output

–  mkdir /media/cdrom

– mount /dev/cdrom /media/cdrom

– cd /media/cdrom

– sh

* Tip: Control via Remote desktop (since no “X” is installed, there is not much use of this, but its a nice feature)

– Devices->Remote Display

– Then: rdesktop -0 -k sv -r clipboard:CLIPBOARD -u administrator -g 1024×768 -r disk:floppy=/media/externaldisk

* Mount shared folder

– For example– I share /home/anders and call the share “home”

– Then: sudo mkdir /media/shared

– mount -t vboxsf home /media/shared

* Change network adapter to “bridged adapter”

– restart

– sudo su

– dhcpclient eth0

– copy IP adress

* Connect through SSH

– ssh -l notes

* Give the server a fully qualified hostname

– sudo nano /etc/hosts

– Put in: main

* Install Lotus Domino 8.5.1

– libstdc++5 needs to be installed

– See:

– wget

– dpkg -i –force-architecture libstdc++5_3.3.6-17ubuntu1_i386.deb

– Install ia32-libs

– sudo apt-get install ia32-libs

– cd /media/shared/Downloads/LotusNotes8.5.1/lotus_domino851_xlinux_CZ5RWEN/domino/

– ./install

– Choose “remote” install when asked!

* Remote server setup. If you have a copy of Administration klient binaries on your Ubuntu.

– wine serversetup.exe

– I call server “Main” and Domin and Certifier “Testing”. FQHN

– Here the remote server setup crashed and I forced to run it from a Windows XP

* Fixpack 2

– tar xvf lotus_domino851FP2_linux_x86.tar

– cd linux/domino

– ./install

* Start server

– su notes

– cd /local/notesdata

– /opt/ibm/lotus/bin/server

* Install Sametime 8.5

– tar xvf CZA63ML.tar

– cd SametimeStandardServer/Server/

– export STSkipAllChecks=true

– sudo apt-get install bc

– ./setuplinux.bin -console

This is enough to get a Demo environment running – not for production use.

I get a lot of these on Domino Console:

WARNING: Notifying listeners about caught throwable: Socket closed
at com.lotus.sametime.core.util.connection.SocketReceiver.readFully(Unknown Source)
at com.lotus.sametime.core.util.connection.SocketReceiver.receive(Unknown Source)
at Source)
Apr 24, 2010 7:53:19 PM com.lotus.sametime.throwable.ThrowableReporter caughtThrowable

I don’t know why the above error occurs.

Tip: Remember to use screen command to put the server in background.

Do this:


cd /local/notesdata


(let the server start, then press  “ctrl-a” and then “d”)

To take contol of domino console again, then type in

screen -r

Thats it!


This is a problem on domino console:

WINUX: Please see /etc/security/limits.conf  RECOMMENDATION:  * hard nofile 65535

ulimit -n gives 1024


sudo nano /etc/security/limits.conf

Put in last in file:

root  soft  nofile 20000
root hard nofile 65535
notes  soft  nofile 20000
notes hard nofile 65535


sudo nano /etc/pam.d/common-session

Put in:

session required


All services running, check screenshot:


Better look in Nautilus


Using Ubuntu Lucid or Karmic.

You can turn this:


By installing Nautilus-Elementary:

  • sudo add-apt-repository ppa:am-monkeyd/nautilus-elementary-ppa
  • sudo apt-get update
  • sudo apt-get upgrade

TeamViewer for linux


There is a beta of TeamViewer for linux available. This beta uses some kind of wine-wrapper. Its not a native linux application, but I’m still happy for this progress.

Putting Lotus Sametime 8.5 into Lotus Notes 8.5.1 installation kit


I have found out how to put the Lotus Sametime 8.5 addon into the installkit for Lotus Notes 8.5.1.

Now when Sametime 8.5 CF1 is released,this is a good time to update the installation kit.

IBM Lotus Sametime Connect 8.5.0 Cumulative Fix pack 1 (CF1) Release Notice March 26, 2010:

Sametime Advanced features also got an update recently, maybe these features should be put into the installation package. About Sametime Advanced plug-ins for Sametime 8.5 standard and Sametime 8.5 embedded for Notes 8.5.1 FP2:

To speed up installation process of Lotus Notes, I always expand the into a folder updateSite. In this way, the installation time is reduced by several minutes. Many customers complain about the installation time, so this is the way to do it! This seems to be a hidden feature. So when I’m done customizing the installation package i expand the and into a folder updateSite, and then I delete the zip-file.

IBM has a TECHNOTE how to put the zipfile into the installation-kit. But I don’t want this, I want to extract the zipfile and put the content into installation kit, to speed up  installation process.

This is how I did it.

Get the from notes installation-kit. Then extract the addToZip.exe and trimUpdateSite. Also get unzip.exe and zip.exe from the web. Put these 3 files into a folder.

1) Use trimUpdateSite to remove old Sametime (and optional Symphony)

2) Create a folder tmp (for example). In here extract the contents of

3) In this folder. Rename to Then go into deploy/install.xml and update every refernece of into

4) Run this command:


Now, there is some more adjusting in installation.xml so that everything is correct. For example removing old Sametime 8.0.2 references. Read the manual how to adjust deploy/install.xml to have all the correct contents. How to add Sametime 8.5 rich client to the Notes 8.5.1 Install Kit: