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Locale setting in Lotus Notes


I want to run my Ubuntu desktop running with en_US locale, but using international standars for time,date etc. Lotus Notes does pick up the en_US locale and presents date, time etc in this format – and I dont want that. So this is what I put into my notes.ini to get standard format:

Run this command:

gedit /home/<put username here>/lotus/notes/data/notes.ini

Then add:

Here are a screen shot with some love from international standards:

Switch to a newer kernel in Ubuntu 10.04


Sometimes a newer kernel is necessary because there are newer drivers in there. If you’re having trouble with hibernate/suspend, wlan, bluetooth etc. Switching to new kernel can be a good idea.

Default kernel in 10.04 is 2.6.32 and this guide will help you update to 2.6.34.

When installing this kernel will be default because it has a higher number than 2.6.32.

During boot hold “shift” key pressed to display boot menu.

Propetary drivers graphic and wlan drivers might stop working. You have been warned.

For 32bit:

For 64bit:

Run this command in the same catalog as above files are downloaded:
sudo dpkg -i *.deb

Now do a restart.

If you are having trouble getting wlan to run on Broadcom chipset after upgrade. Run these commands:

cd /usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.34-020634-generic/include
sudo cp generated/* linux/

Update 2010-06-08

Some information how to uninstall it might be handy.

To uninstall 2.6.34 run these commands:

sudo dpkg –purge linux-headers-2.6.34-020634 linux-headers-2.6.34-020634-generic linux-image-2.6.34-020634-generic linux-source-2.6.34

Update 2010-06-22

Dont worry about Ubuntus updates to newer 2.6.32 or 2.6.33 kernels, they will have a lower priority in GRUB and therefore not be used as default kernel. So accept all kernel updates that update-manager offers.

VirtualBox: Share folder between Ubuntu host and Windows XP guest


A visual guide:

Command: net use x: \\vboxsrv\home