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KDE is my new favourite


I have been an active Ubuntu user for 6 years now. I have been using its default desktop. It is stable and has some advantages but it is also a bit boring.

A week ago I switched to Ubuntu 13.10 64-bit, still in alpha.The KDE version is 4.11 and is working very well.

What is good about KDE (k)ompared to standard Ubuntu unity desktop?

1) Looks: Looks way better than Unity/Gnome 3. On par with Linux Mints MATE desktop.

2) Plasmoids: They work way better than in earlier versions of KDE 4.X. I use:

* favouries launcher: Gives a nice application start menu when right clicking on the desktop

* yaWP: Weather prediction

* Some of the built-in plasmoids for CPU, MEM, DISK, NET monitoring, Folder viewer etc

3) Yakuake. Drop down shell. Press F12 and it is there. Again and it is gone.

4) Clementine: Great looking music player

5) Dolphin: Great file manager. Nautilus is also good, but Dolphin has some advantages.

6) Krunner: Press Alt-F2 to start applications or use any of the plugins

7) Short-Cuts: CTRL-ESC for task manager, CTRL-Alt-Esc for kill window.

What is missing:

Some bugs (alpha of Ubuntu). More apps should be based on QT instead of GTK2 in my opinion. Example: Firefox, Filezilla, Shutter, Wine (Gtk2 right?), IBM Notes etc, apps that I use everyday. That would offer a better looking desktop experience and less resources would be needed.

Favourites launcher: