Applications that I use in Linux

A collegue asked me to write down which applications in Linux that I use. Here is the list:

  1. Firefox
    • I prefer it to Chromium because of the addons which have higher quality then their Chromium counterpart. Also I like Mozilla as an organization more than I like Google.
  2. Virtualbox
    • In my work I have to use a couple of windows applications. Since Wine only run some windows apps good enough this is my only alternative. I really really like Virtualbox, it is free and easy to install. Also VM:s can easily be exported/imported across several platforms
  3. IBM Notes
    • This is the Collaboration application at work. I like it a lot. But it is really buggy on Linux if you are not running the exact supported version (which I almost never do).
  4. Shutter
    • For screenshots and it is easy to edit/crop them directly from the application.
  5. Filezilla
    • Great FTP application. Easy to handle and it is threaded (multiple downloads/upload).
  6. Wine
    • The best thing with wine is that I can copy the “.wine” folder from one Linux installation to another and keep all applications/configurations.
    • From Wine I can run
      1. A windows only dictonary I frequently use
      2. IBM Notes Administrator, but it crashes
      3. Other simpler windows softwares
  7. Remmina
    • Remote Desktop application that has preconfigured connections to quickly connect. It is a bit buggy though and I have to reconnect but that is not a major issue.
  8. Kate
    • Similar to Notepad++ with a lot of extensions and other things to improve usability when handling textfiles. Also good when writing simple scripts.

2 Responses to “Applications that I use in Linux”

  1. alessandroalb Says:

    i use too Firefox, Virtualbox, Ibm Notes and Lotus Notes also, Shutter, Filezilla, Wine, vmWare Workstation, eccetera. Remmina i dislike, you know PAC on ? Very good for me. And TN5250J at for connection with iSeries. And NX4 (Italian good software) from, the free app for remote linux server management and for windows client management. And many other nice software.

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