Quick install guide: Installing Notes 9 beta on Ubuntu Raring Ringtail 64bit beta1

Great news everybody. Notes 9 is easier then ever to install on latest Ubuntu daily build. This could mean that final IBM Notes 9 which will be released on 21st of March will be easy to install on final Ubuntu 13.04 Raring Ringtail 64 bit.

Here is how I did it on a fresh install (I am reusing information from old posts):

root@blackbox:/home/anders/Downloads/UbuntuNotes9# ls -la
total 468500
drwxrwxr-x 2 anders anders      4096 jan 26 13:27 .
drwxr-xr-x 5 anders anders      4096 mar 10 19:57 ..
-rw-rw-r– 1 anders anders   5579460 jan 26 13:17 ibm-activities-9.0.i586.deb
-rw-rw-r– 1 anders anders   4008018 jan 26 13:16 ibm-cae-9.0.i586.deb
-rw-rw-r– 1 anders anders    114850 jan 26 13:16 ibm-feedreader-9.0.i586.deb
-rw-rw-r– 1 anders anders 361613950 jan 26 13:24 ibm-notes-9.0.i586.deb
-rw-rw-r– 1 anders anders  28783358 jan 26 13:15 ibm-opensocial-9.0.i586.deb
-rw-rw-r– 1 anders anders  79614910 jan 26 13:16 ibm-sametime-9.0.i586.deb

1) dpkg -i -force-all ibm-notes-9.0.i586.deb

Will give error, remedy is:

2) nano /var/lib/dpkg/info/ibm-notes.postinst

Comment out this part like example below:

#  if [ -f “$1/rcp/collectionutility.jar” ]; then
#    func_installLog “– Running collector with the following command:”
#    func_installLog “– $COLLECTORCOMMAND”
#  fi


ln -s /opt/ibm/notes /opt/ibm/lotus

mkdir -p /opt/ibm/notes/framework/rcp/systemdata/logs/

touch /opt/ibm/notes/framework/rcp/systemdata/logs/rcplauncher.log

4) touch /tmp/rcplauncher.log

5) sudo apt-get install ia32-libs libgnomeprint2.2-0:i386 libgnomeprintui2.2-0:i386 libgnomevfs2-bin:i386 libgnome2-0:i386 libgnomeui-0:i386

After doing the above instructions it is actually running!  Some more packages need to be installed like fonts etc to make it look reasonable.

Sadly my KDE 4.10 environment randomly logs out when using Notes.

[Update 20130321]

Updated commands above to actually work, sorry for this.


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