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Backup solution for Ubuntu


I was looking for a good-enough backup solution for Ubuntu. After a few minutes of googling I settled for Back In Time .

It wonderful, I can set it to backup my software every hour (or more, or less). Which keeps med happy. Sometime I do stupid thing like edit a document and press Ctrl-A and then enter, and then Ctrl-S and I dont realize this until the next time I open the document again.

It keeps snapshots of the filesystem. So that I can go back to every hour since it started. Never again loose a document!

It a one-click-install on ubuntu. And then create a folder, for example, Backups in your home directory. Then in Back in Time select which folder to backup and how often, and where the backups should go.


Welcome Ubuntu One


Ubuntu is incredible in many ways. One of them is 2GB free storage in the cloud.

It’s very easy to install. Just start it from System->Preferences

You can attach several computers to your free account, so that /home/username/Ubuntu One will contain identical files across two or more computers.