KillNotes for Linux

Use this command to kill all notes processes. It might be a little rough and kill other processes that you do not want to kill. Use with care!

pgrep -l notes | awk ‘{print $1}’ | xargs kill -9

In above command the ‘ is straight and not tilted.


4 Responses to “KillNotes for Linux”

  1. pontius Says:

    Almost the same I’m using for years….
    kill -9 `ps ax | grep ibm | awk ‘{ printf ” “$1 }’`
    Fast and dirty…
    Surely, I’m a lucky one to have only one product from IBM.

  2. Christer Says:

    pkill ibm

    • usablesoftware Says:


      If IBM would go away then Apple, Microsoft and Google would take the world. And nothing would get better. I rather do a
      pkill @patenttrolls
      and then atleast Apple and Microsoft would go away immediately ;-)

      Also a
      pkill @theywhomisuseyourprivacy
      and then Google and facebook would go away, also potentially great stuff ;-)

  3. testing this Says:

    /bin/pgrep -f ibm | xargs kill -9

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