Quick Review of MSI GE620DX Laptop

I got this shiny new computer at work. It was the cheepest that could be found with a high resolution 1920×1080 screen. The only other good thing I found out about this computer is that on SO-DIMM placeholder was empty, so the RAM is 6GB at the moment.

* High resolution 1920×1080 screen
* One memory slot is free

* Mousepad is badly designed with bad surface and hard buttons
* Fan makes noise all the time, so depending on your sensitivity to this it will be problem or not
* Linux compatibility is not the best:

a) Graphics card not detected on some distributions (Ubuntu)

b) SD Card reader not working at all

c) Soft button (!?!) to open Cd tray

d) No bios options to shut gfx card on/off. No bios to control fan.

The different linux distributions Live CD’s really help here. It is easy to find out which ones that work and not. For example. Latest Oneric Ocelot beta (not final release) LiveCD could not get screen working (it crashed). Lucid Lynx did a better job but still no wireless or 1920×1080 sceen resolution. But the LiveCD for Linux Mint Debidan Edition 201109 did get everything to work. Even the soft-keys that shut hardware on and off.



One Response to “Quick Review of MSI GE620DX Laptop”

  1. Stoffe Says:

    Yes that mouse pad is the worst one I’ve tried so far ;)
    But screen and resolution are really nice.

    Thanks for the delivery of the new package, I will try it out today.

    I hope to see you soon at tm again. Thanks for a nice site that brings clarity to some of the notes problems.

    Later on.

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