Linux on laptop MSI GE620DX

I got a new cheap computer at work. This machine MSI GE620DX has one rather uniqe feature, the screen is 15,6 inch and has a resolution of 1920×1080. Which is about the only good thing to say about the computer except the low price point.

So how about linux compatibility? Not good it turned out to be. Of all versions I tested – Ubuntu LTS, Ubuntu Oneric beta and a few more. Only Linux Mint Debian Edition 201109 got both screen resolution AND wireless working. Good job Linux Mint!



5 Responses to “Linux on laptop MSI GE620DX”

  1. pfff Says:

    The only two things that refused to work are card-reader and nvidia discrete video card on 11.04

  2. hisham Says:

    I have the same problem with my MSI GE620DX. i cant start ubuntu 11.10 from live usb at all. it hangs at one point and after seconds the fan turns to full spead. i dont know what the problem is!!! (ubuntu newbie) “deadlock”. I will try linux mint i hope it work.

  3. hisham Says:

    thanx again for the infos.
    i tried mint katya and ubunt 11.10 (wubi-installer). it detects the full resolution 1920×1080 and opens the desktop + wifi. but while verfying the installation i got an error message “No root file system is defined. Please correct this list from the partition menu.” i dont know how to workaround this.

    note: ubuntu/mint(katya) worked only in graphic safe mode. with normal start i got “Unexpected exit with status 0x0009”

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