Get all Lotus Notes/Designer/Admin 8.5.2 and 8.0.2 working in Wine

It is possible to run the Administrator in Wine as described in an earlier entry in this blog. Also the classic (non-java) designer can run in the same way. But now I have successfully got the Designer 8.5.2 to run in Wine.  I use Ubuntu 11.04 and Wine version 1.3.24. I probably works with earlies versions of Ubuntu and Wine also.

Part 1
Goal: Getting Administrator 8.5.2 and Designer 8.5.2 running in Wine.

This is how I did it.
I have a VirtualBox with Windows XP. Here I installed Lotus Admin/Desinger 8.5.2 and fixpack. After installation moved the Data-directory out of Program directory. I have my Linux /home-folder mounted as Z: in VirtualBox. And here I create the folder:
z:\lotus\notes\data-wine and put in all the files from the data-directory.

The files in the Notes program-directory I copy to this path. z:\Applications\NotesDesignerAdmin852 (= /home/<linux user name>/Applications/NotesDesignerAdmin852).

Then I update notes.ini located here: z:\Applications\NotesDesignerAdmin852\notes.ini and it should look like this:
Directory=Z:\home\<your linux username here>\notes\data-wine
Create_R8_Databases=1    (this can be omitted or be R85)
FileDlgDirectory=Z:\home\<your linux username here>\notes\data-wine

Create a start up script. That looks like this: with this:
cd ~/Applications/NotesDesignerAdmin852
WINEDLLOVERRIDES=”mfc42=n,msvcp60=n,oleacc=n,oleaccrc=n” wine admin.exe with this
cd ~/Applications/NotesDesignerAdmin852
WINEDLLOVERRIDES=”mfc42=n,msvcp60=n,oleacc=n,oleaccrc=n” wine designer.exe

Remember to make scripts executable with chmod +x

From your directory C:\Windows\System32 copy the following dll-files to the .wine/drive_c/windows/system32:
mfc42.dll, msvcp60.dll ,oleacc.dll, oleaccrc.dll

Part 2
Also as a bonus I want to use the “classic” designer from 8.0.2. These two can share Data-directory but with the side-effect that when the Designer/Admin  is launched it will update the design of bookmarks.nsf (if the “other” version was running previously). Also there can be other stuff but I have not noticed.
Procedure is straight forward. Put the 8.0.2FP6 program directory in your linux home-folder. For example: Applications/NotesDesignerAdmin802
And create the following start up script:
cd ~/Applications/NotesDesignerAdmin802
WINEDLLOVERRIDES=”mfc42=n,msvcp60=n,oleacc=n,oleaccrc=n” wine designer.exe

Use the same notes.ini as above. And since the dll-files already are copied then no need to do it again. Oh, and don’t run 8.5.2 and 8.0.2 at the same time, that will be bad.

Some screenshots what can be achieved:


If you get into trouble launching notes. Some error like unable to open data directory. Then test to copy a workin notes.ini from windows that have everything, then update paths to the new linux standard as shown above.

Update 2:

An alternative to the complicated installation above is to do this

1) Install in Windows

2) Run it and go through the Client Configuration Wizard

3) Move the whole C:\Program Files\IBM\Lotus\Notes – folder to /home-directory/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/IBM/Lotus/Notes

4) Since all paths probably is correct no need to update notes.ini. But double check this.

5) DLL files still is needed as described above

6) Start script would look something like this: with this
cd ~”/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/IBM/Lotus/Notes”
WINEDLLOVERRIDES=”mfc42=n,msvcp60=n,oleacc=n,oleaccrc=n” wine designer.exe

chmod 755


2 Responses to “Get all Lotus Notes/Designer/Admin 8.5.2 and 8.0.2 working in Wine”

  1. Stephan H. Wissel Says:

    Interesting. Usually the plug-in configuration is a little sensitive to changing of location, so did you run Domino Designer before moving it to Z:\ (I would presume no)?
    Any particular reason why you choose not to use the “usual” .wine/drive_c/notes and .wine/drive_c/notes/data ?

  2. usablesoftware Says:

    Thanks for feedback. All this described as above still have problems I have noticed, designer does not always start, but I hope to figure out why sooner or later.

    This thing with the data directory home-folder/lotus/notes/data-wine is a construction because the linux native client data directory home-folder/lotus/notes/data is located next to it. This is just an example how to do it. Putting it in .wine/drive_c/notes and .wine/drive_c/notes/data is probably a better solution for most people.

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