Lotus Traveler on the Android phone

A.f.a.i.k there are 5 different ways to get your Lotus Notes mail on an Android phone.

1) Lotus Traveler for Android

Benefits: 100% support; fast.

Against: still in beta; requires update of server

2) HTC built-in Exchange Sync

Benefits: Built in and well integrated with phone.

Against: Requires HTC with Android 2.1; Slow; Buggy

3) TouchDown for Exchange

Benefits: Has supported Traveler server since November 2009.

Against: Pay application – not even officially available in Sweden; Not the best looking GUI


Benefits: Does not require Traveler

Against: Only mail; Requires Imap task on server and open ports in firewall

5) iNotes

Benefits: Works on all smartphones; Fast; Does not require Traveler

Against: Requires 8.0.2 mail template; Login form does notes save password (easily removed); iNotes redirect database needs to be updated with “android” redirect to ultralite mode

If you try to connect an ActiveSync client to Lotus Traveler server. Remember this:

  1. Appen /servlet/traveler to dns name of server
  2. No domain!
  3. Always use email address as username

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