Lotus Traveler on Android

There is no Lotus Traveler for Android yet. Lots of people are asking for this application. IBM has promised us this application this year, but we still not know when. Could IBM provide us with a beta? Probably not.

I have tried to connect to Lotus Traveler using an Android 2.2 device (Google Nexus One) using built in ActiveSync, but this failed. I would have screamed of happiness if this worked!

Is there any workaround in the mean time? Yes there is. If you are using Android 2.0/2.1, there is TouchDown for Exchange (Android 2.0) application to download from Android market. This application does indeed work!!!

Here is some info how to install:

Note that username and email-adress are the same. Also that server is: travelerserver.mycompany.com/servlet/traveler. Accept all kind of SSL certificates.

Sadly for us Swedes (and lots of other nations) there is just a DEMO version, that will expire in 5 or 30 days depending on what version that one downloads. Since we can’t buy from Android market. There is of course the alternative do download it from a famous Swedish bittorrent tracker, this is an ugly solution and I don’t want to do it. It cost something like 9 dollars and I would gladly pay for it if I could.

IBM – could you please release Lotus Traveler for Android as soon as possible, even a beta would be sufficient for now. Also in the meantime, please make an update for the server so that the native ActiveSync on Android 2.2 (a.k.a Froyo) is compatible (this would be the best solution).



4 Responses to “Lotus Traveler on Android”

  1. 16aR Says:

    I’ve heard that the bug of Froyo 2.2 with Active Sync is solved with 2.2.1 (available on official nexus one).

    I’ll try to find a rom on 2.2.1 for my Desire

  2. 16aR Says:

    Did you test it with the HTC ActiveSync plugin or the android default one ?

    • usablesoftware Says:

      It was the Android default one. I dont think that HTC phones with android 2.2 is using HTC’s own ActiveSync anymore.

      BTW the server is still on version 8.5.2 vanilla – the beta Fix Pack 1 is not installed.

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